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A little DataViz project based on the Annual Data visualization State of Industry (SOTI) Survey. Q04


The 2021 Data Visualization SOTI Survey was taken by over 2,100 people. One of the questions was: Thinking back over your most recent workweek, how much time did you devote to the following aspects of data visualization? The question had five possible responses about the lapsus of time in every aspect of data visualization. 


Diving in all answers, I was curious about the unique, rare, or unusual time distributions because I like combining data and thread; hand-sewn is one of my favorite techniques to visualize. Producing data visualization stitch by stitch takes much time. Probably my time distribution is not a usual way, so...

I feel on this side. On the side of people who take their time on a specific aspect, those who spend more time on hidden tasks that involve data visualization. Or perhaps their experience or their passion makes them spend more time on one aspect than another.

In my submission, I preferred to make these time distributions visible as an invitation to observe them and consider them. Perhaps we remember a DataViz project that made us distribute our time in unusual ways.

Data Visualization Project created by Liz Bravo.

I hope one day I make every unique distribution time stitch by stitch :)

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